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Dog Training and Exercise

All dogs benefit from learning and practicing skills daily. Our unique train & exercise plans include an initial evaluation and 6 training sessions with both dog trainer & dog walker (in your home or ours). Initial consults are designed to gather information; closely review behavioral issues, current routines and desired goals.

Our 6 sessions together will then aim to make steady progress and provide accountability and consistency for all involved. This package is recommended for those who are looking for help with more complex behaviors such as nervousness, anxiety, reactivity or aggression.

During sessions we will provide practical steps for how to best train your dog with regards to their individual needs. With the continuous aid of your dog walker, these lessons can be reinforced between sessions and beyond in order to see maximum positive developments and help your dog achieve their full potential!

Our Dog Training Packages

*For dogs aged 6 months and upwards.*

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initial consultation - $450

These may be scheduled at anytime. All consultation fees are credited towards your package.
(Trainer may be selected by client or Dogwalker etc will assist you in choosing the trainer for your dog)

In Your Home - $2850

In Our Home - $2250

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Here are the 8 training principles for maintaining a healthy & happy relationship with your companion!

Marker Words

Each dog should understands what yes, no and good mean. Having clear and consistent communication helps every dog reach their full potential.


Vital to off lead safety. You should feel confident that your dog will come back when off the lead.

Loose-Leash Walking

Having your dog walk alongside you without pulling is one of the most rewarding feelings many of us have as dog owners. When a dog routinely pulls on a lead or doesn’t walk nicely, it can make us feel frustrated and even start to dread the walk. Loose leash walking is conducive to a fantastic relationship with your dog.

Calm Behavior

Dogs who know how to relax are a lot easier to live with! Dogs who can relax in different environments become a delightful companion because you can spend more time with them in different places.


As very social creatures, many of our dogs enjoy saying hello to our family and friends. Doing this in an appropriate way - like not jumping up and rushing doorways - makes everyone’s life more enjoyable!

Social Politeness

Dogs absolutely do not have to interact with things they don’t like and we shouldn’t expect them too. However, this doesn’t mean that barking, lunging or growling at the thing they don’t like are appropriate. A confident and happy dog can calmly pass by things they make not like without reacting.

Impulse Control

Every dog has to learn that it must control its impulses, from not chasing cats into the road to not counter surfing! Patience is something we find crucial to help a dog learn, and that good things come to those who wait!


Boundaries are important. For many of our dogs, it’s not safe to go beyond the boundary of our home. Dogs can know not to cross doorways and thresholds without our specific instruction – to keep them out of roads and safe wherever they may adventure!

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