image of employee from dog walker giving a dog water
image of employee from Dogwalker Etc. giving a dog water

Dog Daycare & Pack Adventures

Rather than send your pup to a walled in daycare all day, let our team take your best friend to dog friendly parks or beaches! Where would you rather be, outside enjoying our beautiful island weather or in a daycare center? Dogs can run, hike, swim, play with friends, chase a ball, PLUS there are no annoying drop offs or pick ups after work.

Our team will arrive at your house and take your dog for a minimum of two hours. Dogs may get to spend the day running, swimming and playing freely with other dogs returning home EXHAUSTED! Your dog will typically be out of the house for 2 - 4 hours. All of our day adventures will have no more than 4 dogs in them, so we can make sure your pup gets the highest level of care from our professional dog walkers.

Note - due to the high level of exercise the dogs get during the walks, any more than 2 hours of running at the park can be too much - especially in dogs aged 8-24 months as their bones are still forming. If your dog cannot be left alone due to issues such as Separation Anxiety or Destructive Behavior, we suggest you Book A Train/ Exercise Package to resolve the issue, and free yourself from the issues that mean your dog can't be left alone for short periods.

Pricing varies upon our locations and your dog's temperament.

Our Dog Daycare Services

image of dogwalker employee doing pack daycare for dogs.
Doggy Daycare

Pricing to be assessed upon meeting you and your pet. We want to be sure to provide you with the perfect care package for your dog(s), so each situation may vary.

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