Dogwalker Etc. Website Privacy Policy

This policy explains how Dogwalker Etc. collects and uses data gathered from website visitors.

What data is being collected?
This website only collects data that is openly available from users that have already created some kind of online profile when they signed up for an email address. This may include name/age/interests/devices used/general geographic location/and the traffic acquisition source. We do not collect any personal information like phone number or home/business address.
Some more specific information may be acquired if a visitor chooses to fill out a contact form on our website for specific services. This would request more specific information about the user such as phone number or email address, as well as what kind of services are being requested in order to do business.

How is the data being collected?
We utilize Google analytics in our data collection. It is a string of code that is inserted into the coding of the website and gathers the above-mentioned information. Each time a user visits our website, it triggers the collection of this data through the use of cookies (pieces of information stored during your online profile setup). This data is then stored within Google analytics for our use for an indefinite period of time.

How is this data being used?
We utilize this data to target interested parties in future notifications and promotions. This is to avoid anyone receiving contact from us that has no interest in our business. The ads that we use this data for could be through Google AdWords, Facebook or Instagram ads, Google my Business promotions, or YouTube advertisements.
If a visitor has filled out a contact form on this site, the information will be used by the business to contact the visitor and potentially enter a business transaction. Information is kept via Google contact form and spreadsheet. This information is not transmitted or sold to any other person or company but, stored for future contact regarding potential offers or sales.

How you can control this data:
If you have visited this site, the data for your visit collected through our Google analytics cannot be extracted or removed. The best way to control that is for you to use a browser that does not identify you to data collection.

If you have visited our site and filled out a contact form, you can email us at [email protected] and make a request to have your data deleted from our records.

How your data is protected:
This website is encrypted by the use of an SSL Certificate to make it a secure connection between the point of origin and the user. Furthermore, once data is collected, there are only a few people that have access to that data (which is not specific) after that point.