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August 2021

Dogs need exercise every day and a lot of pet parents ask us “when is it too hot to walk my dog?” during these hot days. It can be easy for your dog to overheat, so it’s important to understand what your dog can safely handle. Even on hot days, it’s still inevitable that you’ll have to take your dog outside to go to the bathroom. There are lots of things you can do to keep them cool even when the temperature is over 86'F. As midday dog walkers, we like to find shadier paths instead of walking in the direct sun. It's also a good idea to walk on the grass/dirt instead of pavement so that they don’t burn their paws. Plan out your path so that you can have stops every so often in grassy or shaded areas so their paws can get some relief. AVOID the metal sidewalk covers, those can scorch paws/pads in seconds!

PRO TIP: If it is too hot for you to walk outside barefoot, it is too hot for your dogs, too! Always feel the pavement with the bottom of your bare hand before letting your dog walk on it. If you cannot comfortably hold your palm to the asphalt for 10 seconds or more, it is too hot for your dog’s paws. Unfortunately, pets can and do suffer burns on their paw pads from walking on surfaces that are too hot. Burned paw pads may look swollen, red, or blistered. Burns to the paws are a serious medical issue and require prompt attention from a veterinarian. 

PRO TIP: Dogs that are short-faced, such as Boxers, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Pugs, Pekingese, Boston Terriers, and Shih Tzu’s are dogs that typically overheat very quickly in hot temperatures. Overweight dogs are also much more likely to overheat and have a higher risk for dehydration. 


If your schedule doesn’t work for walks, give us a shout!

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July 2021

These are a few of

my favorite things!

If you have a dog that pulls or lunges on walks this blog is for you! We have loads of clients that absolutely ADORE their pets but for one reason or another (lack of experience, time, budget) they skip the training and end up with a walk that's just not enjoyable for anyone. It repeats itself and eventually you end up with a bored destructive dog- boo! I've met many of these dogs and with the two products mentioned here, gotten successful results in making the walk fun again!

The Easy Walk Harness is my go to piece of equipment for dogs if they're not the best walkers. I myself have a rambunctious, loving golden retriever named Sunny. She wears this for every walk (she sports the red/black version). Easy Walk Harnesses are pretty straight forward, but they can be complicated if you aren’t sure how they work. Before you purchase one, we suggest reading up on them so you know exactly how to put them on. Easy Walk harnesses actually encourage dogs to focus on their owners and redirects unwanted behavior like pulling without causing harm or frustration to your dog the way some traditional harnesses or choke and/or prong collars can do.

Conversely, traditional dog harnesses that clip from the back can actually trigger your dog to pull. Many traditional harnesses press against your dog’s throat and can cause choking and, in severe cases, lead to tracheal collapse. Since many dogs have a natural instinct to pull against things that are either tugging against them from behind or putting an uncomfortable amount of pressure on their throats, it makes sense as to why traditional dog harnesses and collars don’t always work.

Spray Shield Animal Deterrent Spray is my other "do not leave home without". A little more complicated getting in Hawaii (due to shipping) but worth the effort to have. This little bottle contains a Citronella spray formula and offers a humane way to deter aggressive animals (I can attest to it- I have had to use it and it works!). Spray Shield's formula is just as effective as 10-percent pepper spray, yet without harmful side effects in cases where it may blow back into your eyes/throat or the animal's eyes/throat.  Spray Shield is highly effective in stopping low- to medium-level aggression and safe to use indoors. Dogs can sense our energy and if you're calm, they will tend to remain calm as well but this little bottle gives you reassurance you have a plan in case the unexpected happens. 

I know you're wondering "Is she just recommending these cause she's sponsored?" No but I should be! (pssst if you're reading this Easy Walk or Spray Shield)! Over the last 20 years I have been a great advocate for both these products because THEY WORK! So there's my walking 101 tips/tricks to try if you have a dog that pulls or lunges. 

~ Erin

And training is great, it's never too late! Here's a few great local dog trainers we know:

A to Z Dog Training


Pro-Dog Hawaii





"The Pandemic Life (and Pet Care)"...

2020 was like no other! For us, the industry was grinding to a halt. It was as if life stopped, a deep freeze. Taking a snapshot from our clientele, it was crazy to watch the pandemic not only change our lives but everyone's so rapidly. Our clients that work within the medical field were busier than ever fighting to keep us safe. Our hard working teachers, pilots, waitresses, actors, hotel managers, mothers, fathers, now found themselves without direction and dying to get out of the house. Memes of people walking their dogs 20 times per day started to circulate social media- very funny but scary for us, "hey that's my job you're too busy remember!" With uncertainty on the horizon, fear grew and people stayed home. 

Thankfully our little business was deemed "essential" by the state and we were able to continue working for whatever work still existed throughout each lockdown.

The Pandemic Life was new to all of us. Neighborhoods that I had walked through for 19 years now looked like never before. In late March 2020 the streets were abandoned and it seemed like we were walking through a zombie apocalypse movie set! In the next few weeks, the streets became filled with folks dying to get outside, the whole family in tow. People were cautious and nervous, not making eye contact and keeping to themselves. I knew everyone was silently thinking, "do they have it?!"

One of my favorite things to do at that time became taking photos of dogs in the middle of an empty road (parks were closed with a $5000 price tag of you dared enter)! Streets that were that once filled with traffic and tourists now became our stomping grounds. The world became serene & quiet but we silently worried, what if this is the new normal, how long will this last?"

Fast forward to Summer 2021 and boom! ~ it feels like the industry is rebounding! In the silent year that was 2020, it was probably the one year where I saw more families get a pet than ever before. The Hawaiian Humane Society actually had no animals available to adopt on more than one occasion! Anyone who had reasonably argued in the past "I would love a dog but i work too much" or  "I'd love a pet but I'm never home" now had nothing holding them back!

So now what...folks are heading back to work; leaving for vacations again. I see loving pet owners all the time struggle with the decision of what to do when they leave. Well, we want you to know, we got you covered! We are not just a dog walking company. Our vetted team provides our clientele with peace of mind (from Great Danes to Guinea Pigs)! Whether a busy professional or anyone who needs help caring for their furry family- we are there! We have loads of care options and deliver customizable care plans! We strive to make each client feel as if they were our only one.

I want to acknowledge our amazing clients! Clients that trusted in us when it was everyones guess, do we wash every doorknob, wipe our shoes, mask or not (these were the early days of Covid 19). Thank you for sticking through it with us, you are Ohana.It's been twenty years since we first began, we continue to do just that ~ Leaders in Hawai's pet care industry since 2001 is what we are and will continue to stay "leaders of the pack"!


Photo of My Friend Darby in the middle of Kalakaua Ave on 7/04/2020 at 5pm