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Dogwalker etc is locally owned & operated by Erin Gerwig. This business was started with just an idea, a leash, and a good pair of running shoes! Since 2001, Erin has walked pets and grown her business, client by client. Gradually, more walkers were hired and services were expanded over the years to the business that you see today. It services all corners of Oahu and can provide you with quality pet care and attention for your furry family members.

Thousands of miles being walked, we have found that this business has become a part of the community it serves, and we have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful clients, families and pets along the way. In addition to all the dogs, cats, and people we have encountered, we are also happy to have made professional connections with other pet services on Oahu over the last 15 years.

Dogwalker Etc. will continue to provide the best pet care services available, and you can rest assured that only the most qualified individuals are hired to care for your loved ones. We are always fully insured and bonded and are looking forward to meeting new clients!

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We know it can be a little scary to have someone you don't know coming into your home. That's why Dogwalker Etc. takes the time and effort to seek out only the best caregivers for your pet(s) and home!

Our caregivers treat each pet like they would treat their own. We pride ourselves on punctuality, dependability, and (most importantly) animal adoration. If you and your pet aren't happy, neither are we. Dogwalker Etc. is staffed by "animal people" who have experience and training in caring for animals of all shapes and sizes. At Dogwalker Etc., you and your pet's happiness is our main concern.

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