Private Pet Boarding


Dogwalker etc. is proud to offer luxury pet boarding in private homes across Oahu…no kennels, no cages, no barking, no unknown bullies. A private home for your pets while you’re away from yours. Your pets will get ongoing love and attention, in a safe, comfortable home setting. Whew, was that a sigh of relief we heard. We ask that you visit your petʼs host family prior to the stay, that way, you’ll know exactly what your pet can expect & if this is the right fit for your family.

Never again will you feel guilty when you need to be away from your pets! Our clients leave the island with peace of mind knowing that their beloved companion is a welcomed guest in the home of a trusted animal lover who truly cares for the welfare & happiness of their pet.

Our friendly hosts are located throughout the island of Oahu. All of our host families are home full time & would love to dedicate their day your pets when you canʼt be there. There are no hidden charges in our rates for play time, cuddles or walking!

You will need to drop your pets at the sitter’s home with all their yummies, food and bedding, but if plans get crazy, our sitters also offer pet taxi services. Was that another sigh of relief we heard?

What to expect…

  • Your pets will receive lots of one on one attention and exercise
  • No cages, your pets will have free run of our home (unless you specify otherwise)
  • We normally host one or two dogs at the same time
  • Flexible drop off and pick up times
  • We follow your daily feeding and exercise routines.
  • We are at home most of the time to take care of your pet.
  • Visit our home to get to know us prior to boarding your dog with us.
  • Of course, we offer references on request.
  • We are insured and our pet hosts are carefully screened and qualified.

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