10 steps to calm dogs afraid of thunder, lightning storms

What crazy weather we have had here on Oahu this whole week.  I’ve heard many stories about clients dogs not enjoying themselves during this crazy season (escaping), and there have been a few sad occurrences as well.  So, what can we do about it???  Here’s a list of 10 steps to calm dogs afraid of thunder and lightening storms.  If you would like to read the entire article with reasoning’s for each step, click here.


  1. handle it early on in your dog’s life
  2. don’t let her “sweat it out” and don’t not “baby” your dog
  3. offer treats, cuddling, and other good stuff during a storm
  4. let your dog hide (possibly in a crate, or a dark spot)
  5. get your dog away from the noise, and compete with it
  6. counter the affects of electromagnetism
  7. desensitize your dog
  8. ask your veterinarian about certain medications
  9. natural therapies can work
  10. consider seeing a board-certified veterinary behaviorist




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